Postcard Teas

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Postcard Teas is Timothy d’Offay’s tea sampling shop. If you are based in, or headed to, London and like drinking tea treat your yourself to one of the best cuppas in town. I discovered it as I used to visit his fathers contemporary art gallery at 9 Dering Street in which the tea shop now resides. It’s exquisite and best described by Timothy himself:

Ten years ago in Taipei, a small cup of tea served without milk or sugar completely changed my idea of what tea could be. Its flavour and fragrance so captivated me that when the tea shop owners told me the tea came from a nearby mountain, I asked for directions and set off the next morning to learn more.

Journeys to other tea growing areas in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, India, and Sri Lanka followed as this appreciation of tea turned into a profession. First with East Teas which Alex Fraser and I started at Borough Market in 2000 to sell specialist green and Oolong teas imported direct from tea producers and experts in east Asia. And now with Postcard Teas which works with tea estates in the north east of India and the south of Sri Lanka to bring some of the world’s best black teas to Britain.

Teas from both companies can be tried and bought at the store or by mail order. We also sell tea accessories, ceramics, and postcards, some of which are reproductions of old tea postcards from my collection. Postcard collecting runs in the family – in the downstairs gallery, my father Anthony will be soon show early postcards from around the world.

Timothy d’Offay

One Alfred Place – A club with your own office.

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If you live and work outside Central London, but come in for business, you know the problem. Nowhere to make phone calls or keep up with emails between meetings and no office support. If you have a London office with nowhere special to meet important clients or just need to get away from the office to think – you also know the problem.

Welcome to One Alfred Place – a new kind of club that combines the best of a private members’ club with your own London office. A stylish, spacious interior filled with bespoke furniture and stunning contemporary art creates the perfect environment in which to hold meetings, get work done and relax. Excellent food and drink in a private dining club, and club PAs to provide the support you would expect from your own PA, make it a pleasure to spend time there.

Our investors include rock stars and City gurus. Our architects and designers created some of the hottest bars and restaurants in town. But what unites them all is an absolute belief that London has been crying out for a top class business club. Investors include Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Tony Smith, Genesis, Peter Wheeler, a former Goldman Sachs Partner and Managing Director, and of course Chairman Robert Devereux and of course our CEO Rob Shreeve.

Contact me to make an appointment to visit the club or arrange a free one day “experience” pass and see why there’s now a better way to do business In London.