Welcome. I’m a creative director and experienced start-up executive developing entertainment content in digital media.

Andrew (or Drew as he’s known) started his career as design and photography assistant at seminal creative partnership Hipgnosis with Storm Thorgerson, Aubrey “Po” Powell and Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson at the end of the ’70’s and early ’80’s while still studying for his graphic design degree at LCP. In 1981 Drew joined them full time and when Hipgnosis morphed into Greenback Films he helped produce some of the earliest Pop Promos for Paul Young, Nick Kershaw, Barry Gibb, Robert Plant and Pink Floyd.

In the early ’80’s Drew also designed the infamous slogan T-Shirts for Katharine Hamnett. These went on to receive world-wide recognition and are probably the most copied style of T-Shirt ever sold. Bands from Wham! to Frankie Goes to Hollywood appropriated the style and the phrase “Choose Life” featured in the film Trainspotting. Global recognition came when he made a limited edition (of one) for Katharine when she went to a reception at 10 Downing Street with the then Prime Minister Margret Thatcher. The resulting photo was published on front pages all over the world.

In 1982 Drew founded Icon Communications, an international creative agency based in London & LA where he specialised in design for the music industry. He designed record covers and marketing campaigns for artists such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Genesis, China Crisis, Diana Ross, Jeffery Lee Pierce, DuranDuran and many more. He then sold the business in 1989 to a UK PLC and re-branded the company as Sonicon – now a division of AGI Media..

When Drew became aware of the Internet in 1993 he left Sonicon and founded Eyetoeye Digital – one of the worlds first “new media” agencies, advising a broad range of business’s on digital strategy, content creation, website development, branding and design. He built some of the first websites for clients in the UK like Arthur Andersen, Blackwell Books, Columbus Hotels, Clyde & Co. and InterContinental Hotels & Resorts. He also advised many start-ups in the Internet boom years – the most successful of which was Moneyworld which was sold for £11M and is now a part of Moneyextra.

In 1986 Drew was nominated for a Grammy for best album cover and subsequently sat on the Grammy nominations committee for NARAS. He has also sat on the awards committee for the UK Music Week Awards and the CADS on numerous occasions. He was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts by Prince Phillip in 2000.

Eyetoeye are currently developing cross-platform mobile applications for the entertainment and publishing industries amongst other projects.

Drew is also a partner in TBD Partners a business development consultancy working on business turnarounds.

Drew’s current personal project is Orbit. A joint venture with renowned composer Craig Leon, producer for Blondie, The Ramones, Talking Heads and Pavarotti and many others. It will be released as an ambient/classical crossover DVD with CGI imagery celebrating the 40th anniversary of the moon landing in 1969.

In October 2009 Drew decided he had so much spare time he co-founded another business helping Scott Gould create Like Minds. Based in Exeter, Like Minds is an international social media and knowledge sharing events and seminar series, featuring some of the worlds leading advisers and practitioners using social business tools today.

He now lives in Ashburton, near Exeter in Devon and after serving on the membership committee at private members club One Alfred Place is now based Tuesday to Thursday at the Like Minds Club, which he created for a wide range of business people who need an affordable London base when visiting the city.


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