Getting Your Blog Tweeted

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Having to update all your social networks individually is time consuming. Use Twitterfeed to set up RSS feeds to Twitter from your blog. It’s a simple three step process:

1. Decide which social networks you want to post to.

2. Log into Twitterfeed using your OpenID (OpenID is a standard for providing single sign on between web sites
You can register your own OpenID for free, or may even be able to use your existing blog ID)

3. Provide them with the URL for your blog’s RSS feed

If this all sounds very techie it isn’t. Just click on the help links. I set up this blog to feed into Twitter this way by just adding <; into the Twitterfeed site and it updated straight away.



3 thoughts on “Getting Your Blog Tweeted

  1. Probably the easiest way to do this is to copy and paste the URL of your original post and use a client application like Tweetdeck to Tweet it. Put the first few words of your post in the top panel followed by the URL you copied from your original blog in the shorten URL panel. Click the shorten option and post.

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